Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A hint of rain...

This morning I was amazed to see dark grey clouds stretching across the sky! And not a trace of sun.

It looked like rain. It did not however feel or smell like rain (Calcuttans will surely get the meaning of this statement).

As I stepped out of my house and sat in my car, a beautiful Peacock ran across the road, its long blue tail partially fanned out. I was dead sure it would rain now :)

And Voila! Little drops of rain fell down on the dry dusty Earth... for exactly 45 seconds. Before I knew it, the sun was out and shining like there was no tomorrow.
Boy! The entire thing has left me feeling so low! I feel betrayed... and cheated by the rain gods.

But then again, I am in GDD. I could not expect things to come as they seem.

The entire episode reminded me of the time when I bought 4 bottles of chilled mineral water, only to realise later that they bore the brand mark of "BERISLI" and not BISLERI!
Same green colour on the cap and the label, same bottle shape et all.

Somethings always fishy about water in GDD :P

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