Friday, 30 October 2009

Phew! Close Shave

Just got the good news today - H1 No1! :)

Thank god for that - the heart beat issues still need to be solved - doctors here think im going to have a collapsed heart given the kind of stress im taking.

The fever had my heart beating at phenomenol rates (it has clocked 182/lossa numbers between 150-180 for days/130-150 for the last three days/and now I dunno!)

This wasnt something I was looking forward too!

But thank god them pigs dint fly around me :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

H1N1/Samir Kapur 08/11/83

Thats what my wrist tag says!!
[Read H1N1 as "aache uno enne uno"]

Ive been admitted into what is probably the best hospital in Costa Rica.

Been here since Sunday morning - They suspect H1N1 : Im showing all symptoms! Yay!!

All tests have been conducted and now we anxiously/painstakingly await the results!

Keep logging in...!
If the test's negative: you get a lot of amusing incidences often involving abusive references to random things/people/places.
If the test's positive and I survive: you get some great anecdotes with as much gusto as I can manage.
If the test's positive and I dont survive: I love you too!

It feels so good to get my hands on my laptop after 2 1/2 days, I just dont feel like giving it back to mom.

But, shes the boss! Ciao!

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Given that the stone is finally "OUT," the Cricket lover in me could not think of a better remark than "Howzzat!"

The 6mm (in length) Mofo came out the natural way!

"Clink!!" went the stone against the waste paper basket - never have I been happier to hear a Clink before.

A shard of pure Calcium Oxalate - Crystalline in texture, jagged edges, shiny particles - a thing of beauty!

Seems I have to reduce my milk intake. People who know me well know that this is probably the biggest blow nature could have dealt to me!

Showed the stone to the doc - he was surprised I pee'd something that big out.

"Well what do I say doc, I'm a stud where it matters!"

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Fireworks...

The doctor gave me some news which horrified me...

The bigger of the multiple kidney stones has reached within the pelvis and has only one way out of there: Surgically.
I would have to undergo my 1st surgery ever! 45 minutes of gruelling hell and all for one teeny weeny tiny little calcified stone - 5mm in diametre!
What freaks me out totally is the fact that he aint talking about laproscopy! Hes talking about a traditional surgery...
Now for people who have even 3.24% knowledge of Biology - the method is scary, intrusive, anti gravity and of course totally against nature's will...

I'm only praying I can avoid this as of now - somehow. Anyhow.

Costa Rica is known to be a medical haven for citizens of the USA - providing facilities at par with what's available in the States and at only 60% of the costs.
I'd however never thought I'd have to expereience their low cost expertise first hand!

This trip has had me seeing more of hospitals than anything else (Well thank god the hospitals here look like freaking Taj Bengal).
Iv been jabbed with needles atleast 15 times in the last week.
And the last needle to go into me boasted a diametre comparable to that obtained by sticking 6 cylinderical toothpicks together, along their lengths!
And this baby stayed inside me for a cool 40 minutes... probably the only one lucky to get the chance for this lifetime (pun totally intended).

"Pura Vida" as they say down here in Costa Rica.
Pure Life Truly :)

Friday, 16 October 2009

My First Diwali - Alone

Ive spent my last few Diwalis away from home - but this year is probably the worst one so far: This time Im alone... and unwell.

Ridden with multiple Kidney Stones, Bad Skin rashes (on account of numerous jabs with needles so as to get saline drips into the required blood vessels) and of course the back ache (mainly due to mental and physical stress)

As I prepare to spend my Diwali morning at the hospital, getting tested for god knows what now, my spirit however is not as down and out as it should be.

Thank god for that Diwali spirit which is keeping me going. I wonder if it's all in the mind - or if the spirit of Diwali is something real and alive.

God, on this Diwali, I pray you give me enough physical strength to buy Diyas (or Tea Candles or whatever else I can find here) and light my house up!

Miss you ma, pa.
Would have been great to see home - warm with light and love :)
And the fooooood! Oho!

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!!