Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Fireworks...

The doctor gave me some news which horrified me...

The bigger of the multiple kidney stones has reached within the pelvis and has only one way out of there: Surgically.
I would have to undergo my 1st surgery ever! 45 minutes of gruelling hell and all for one teeny weeny tiny little calcified stone - 5mm in diametre!
What freaks me out totally is the fact that he aint talking about laproscopy! Hes talking about a traditional surgery...
Now for people who have even 3.24% knowledge of Biology - the method is scary, intrusive, anti gravity and of course totally against nature's will...

I'm only praying I can avoid this as of now - somehow. Anyhow.

Costa Rica is known to be a medical haven for citizens of the USA - providing facilities at par with what's available in the States and at only 60% of the costs.
I'd however never thought I'd have to expereience their low cost expertise first hand!

This trip has had me seeing more of hospitals than anything else (Well thank god the hospitals here look like freaking Taj Bengal).
Iv been jabbed with needles atleast 15 times in the last week.
And the last needle to go into me boasted a diametre comparable to that obtained by sticking 6 cylinderical toothpicks together, along their lengths!
And this baby stayed inside me for a cool 40 minutes... probably the only one lucky to get the chance for this lifetime (pun totally intended).

"Pura Vida" as they say down here in Costa Rica.
Pure Life Truly :)

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