Thursday, 30 March 2006


I cant believe ive been in XIMB for a year already?
This place makes home feel like 'home away from home'...if you get what I mean!
The batch is leaving for their!
It feels like its come too soon!

I wonder how Il do there...its gonna be my first real job. My first actual project!
Im very jittery...and excited at the same time.
Its a Finance Project...will I be able to handle it?!?! Will I be able to do justice to it???
Only time will tell...

Any I leave on this exciting journey, I wish all my fellow XIMBians the best for their projects.
Lets hope we can come back with 120PPOs, and get placem unemployed!


Viva la XIMB!
Viva la Elite Batch of 2007!