Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Quest for Coffee...

Now I'm known to be one hell of a Coffee Junkie.
Apart from the large crude Cold Coffee I have every morning, I need one/two large mugs of Strong Hot Coffee to keep me going through the day.
And if even one of those mugs are commercially sourced, my day is a party.

I woke up on Saturday morning, to realize that it had been 22 odd days since my last cup of commercially sourced coffee!
Oh... in case you have not got the picture, there is no Cafeteria here in Gandhidham! And the only South Indian place which actually served some decent filter coffee, shut down a month ago. (It had only been open for 3 weeks!)

No sooner than later, I was craving for Hot Coffee. The morning Cold Coffee only made this urge stronger.

Soon I was day dreaming - walking into a Costa Cafe.. Ordering a Medium Cafe Mocha on the go.. Holding that magenta paper cup in my hand.. The first sip.. The warmth going down my throat.. and that taste.. YEAH!

I had a ton of work awaiting me at office. That would keep my mind away from the aroma of roasted Arabica for sure. Or so I thought...

At work, I happen to log onto Costa Cafe's website - just to confirm that they did not have an outlet at Gandhidham! I scoured the websites for Barista and Cafe Coffee Day also, but to no avail. (Talk about lowering of standards)

Newsflash: Even the Amalgamated Bean Trading Co (with 783 Cafeterias in 105 cities) had missed a spot on the map of India. And I happen to be living there :)

By the time I was over with lunch, I knew I had to do something about it.
The websites had it all wrong.
The localites I knew we're hiding their cafeterias from me.
I knew there was a cafeteria of some sort, sitting elusively in some corner in the city.
And I had to find it...

I spent a tense 90 minutes driving around town...I drove through every resedential colony, office block and market place. I revisited the main market again.
Each time, I was dissappointed.

That evening, at about 6, I drove out to town one more time!
I was sure I'd missed the cafeteria. Heck I actually drove all the way to a neighbouring town - hoping that a man with amazing foresight had opened one there, waiting to make use of the fact that towns expand to envelope neighbouring towns, while on their path to becoming a city!

It's Sunday morning now.
Despite indulging in multiple quantities of Bournvita and Flavoured Bru Coffee, the craving still lives on. And it probably will till I dont travel the next time..

In the meanwhile, If any one of you is interested in investing in a Cafeteria in Gandhidham, call me up.
Apart from 50% funding, I promise you sales of 3/4 large cups of your premium coffee every day :P

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