Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Gandhidham... The shock!

A day after I penned my thoughts down about the impediments to driving, I found a cure for my Insomnia!

Are they linked? You bet they are...

En route to a meeting, I was driving down the highway at my usual 70 kmph :)
A 10 wheel truck was parked up ahead to my left... his motor running...
All of a sudden, the dude decided he wanted to turn right - and he did just that - no warning shots fired here! His truck and trailer flew across the road in an infinitesimal particale of time.

CRASH! Thats what I felt... not Heard... Felt.

The back of his vehicle rammed into the front of my car - taking bumper, headlight, indicator all with him.

The truckie just sped off! I doubt if he even realised what has just ensued on account of his big behind :P

Well...We in the car were in a state of shock.
It felt like a sudden slap on the face - Shocking!

The shock lingered on... I drove home super carefully that evening.
Every truck coming my way seemed like a bully to me :)

To my surprise, I crashed at 10pm or somewhere around there!

The insomnia that had been pretty much a part of my life here in GDD, had vanished albeit for one night.

Here's to hoping I don't need to re-employ similar methods to keep the Insomniac in me at bay...

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