Friday, 22 May 2009

Dancing Shoes

Last night I had this vivid dream
Life was a bowl of peaches laced with cream
As the tender fruit went into my mouth,
It brought about a pause in life's continuous boxing bout

There I was, Mr. Hunk
All dressed up and ready to slam dunk!
There you were, Ms Dimple,
So hot, so cute, so suave and yet so simple

We were going out on our first date,
To drink red wine and eat a full plate.
As we sat across a table, a candle in our middle,
Lo behold! musicians started to fiddle.

I looked into your eyes. Boy! Them do I dig!
I asked if you and I could do a little jig.
You pondered, you thought, you ruminated,
before you hesitantly agreed and that left me elated.

With a grin on my face, I took you by the hand,
And slid my arm around your waist band.
With your hand lodged in my palm,
I looked at you and got captivated by your charm.

The music played softly and soulfully,
You and me swung across the floor so gracefully.
Here i was, so madly in love
With you, my pretty pure dove

From here to there we would rhythmically prance,
A wind started blowing, laden with sweet fragrance.
As we were lost in each other, savouring every moment,
Down came the rain torrent after torrent.

There you were, drops of rain glistening on your hair and face,
The most beautiful sight ever, in time and space.
I held you closer, I hugged you tight,
And all of a sudden shone this strange white light.

Bathed in it, you looked like an angel
And in front of your beauty, I felt like an ordinary brinjal
You opened your lips and began to speak,
"Arise my dear, from your deep slumber awake."

Then it dawned upon me - it was all a dream, a joke,
What a chopsee! What a jack ! What a poke!
With you that night, I had my best dance,
Albeit only in a sleepy trance.

The boxing bout now continues. As I receive another spank,
I smile and give dude almighty a heartful thank.
That in getting ready for my dreamy rendezvous with you,
I had the good fortune of putting on my dancing shoe!

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