Sunday, 8 August 2010

One Last Time...

She turned the key in the lock, with all her might.
Her wrist hurt every time she did it.
"God! Why din’t he just get the damn lock fixed!" she said out aloud.

She pushed the door open and walked into her house.

She saw the washroom light on.
"Was he home?"

She dumped her bag and her jacket onto the carpeted floor and ran into the washroom expecting to see him there.
She walked out dejected. Of course he wasn’t there.

She got a bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured herself a glass.

There was a hint of rain in the evening sky.
It was windy outside. Just the way he liked it.

She took her glass of wine onto the terrace and sat on the easy chair.
A tear trickled down her cheek.

She remembered the last time it rained that year...

They had had a severe fight the morning before.
She had left the house in a huff and told him she would never come back.

He had spent that day trying her cell.
She never picked up.
He left her several voice messages.
She never replied.
He din't sleep a wink that night.

She finally called him back the next morning.
"Where were you honey?"
"Honey please come home."
"Why? Why do you care?"
"Honey let me make it up to you. One last time..."
"It's always the last time isn't it?"
"It is the last time, this time. I promise."

When she came home that evening, she found he had cooked for her.
Her favorite crockery was laid out on the table.
A bottle of champagne loaded in the chiller.
Fresh Red Carnations in the vase.
Scented candles lit them room ever so softly.
He had left the window open. The breeze flirted with the silk white sheers.

As she surveyed the scene with a smile on her face, he enveloped her from behind.
He took a deep whiff of her hair they way he always did.
He kissed her left cheek with all his love.

Her smile deepened. She turned and hugged him tight.

After a delectable chicken dinner, he popped the champagne and poured out two glasses.
They took their bubbly to the terrace and cozied up on the easy chairs.

As she sipped her drink, he got something out of his pocket. It was a small box.
His lips curled into his unconventional smile as he handed her the box.

She opened it to find a ring.
Glistening in the moonlight, it was the prettiest thing ever.
He looked into her eyes and said, "Will you marry me… again?"

A tear trickled down her cheek.
She smiled and said, "Yes Silly."

They kissed passionately.

The skies burst open and rain started to fall down in torrents.

They sat right on the verandah, kissing in the rain.
She could still taste him from that last kiss. She loved how he tasted.

He took her inside and got her to change her soaked clothes.

While she was drying her hair, she heard her favorite song playing on the stereo.

He came up to her and asked her to dance with him.
"But you hate to dance!" she said with alarm in her voice.
"Let me try one last time. For you," he said, pretending to take his hat off and bowing before her.

They danced close together.
She was pleasantly surprised that evening.

They ended up in bed soon after.

After making the best love ever, they lay on the bed.

She could hear his heart thumping in his chest.
She placed her hand on his chest and looked at him imploringly.
He just smiled and held her hand tight against his body.

"I'm sorry I went away," she said.
"It's ok. I will never fight again. This was my last time."
"I love you," she said.
"You better…" was all he could manage.

His head fell back into the pillow.
His heart had given way.
His body was right next to hers.
His soul had left hers far behind.

A loud thunderclap brought her back to reality.
She couldn’t believe he wasn’t there with her anymore.

There was no one to fix the leaks. And that damn broken lock.
There was no one to hug when she came home from work every evening.
There was no one to fight with and no one to make up after.

She wished she could fight with him... one last time.

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