Sunday, 21 May 2006

A B**ch called Life

Let me tell you of a b**ch, that you have surely met,
She's called life, and she surely can make you fume and fret.
Every bout of happiness is accompanied by her back stabbing hit,
This b**ch can surely tax every damn fringe benifit.

There are times when youre on top, all happy and gay,
And then something happens, leaving you with nothing to say.
Wise men often say, "Be patient and brave."
Hell yeah! and suck up to the b**ch, like her servile knave?

"Its all you destiny. On your brow it is written"
Yeah! So I should stand in front of the rabid b**ch, and wait to get bitten?
Its time to take over. Take my fate in my hand,
Get rid of her control, and break into pieces her magic wand.

Enough of being bossed over and ordered up and about,
With no one to lend you a ear, when its your turn to scream and shout.
I think its time, to live by my own imperatives,
My own free will and desire. Its one of my fundamental prerogatives.

I will make my own desicions. Life cant leave me yearning,
I pronounce myself free of her bullying and spurning.
Its my time to choose. And do as I will and please,
Be it to indulge in academics, piety or sleaze.

For even if I make a mistake, lest I go wrong,
The fact that its my desicion, will surely keep me strong.
Whether for my action, I profit or bear loss,
I will take full responsibility, as I am my own boss.

Wise men may object. Let them say what they want to say,
Call me insolent or ungrateful. Let them donkeys bray.
They just take her side. Bloody servants of the b**ch,
I dont care. Ive already flipped her 'off' switch.

My happiness comes first. My peace of mind is primal,
No LPP used by the b**ch, can now generate a dual.
Whether I am hurt by my own brother, or any other,
Il just change directions, by moving the rudder.

I am not shunning worldly relations. I am not closing in.
I am just moving away from empty vessels. Their clamour and din.
And in the end Im sure, I will come out on top,
And no b**ch can sweep me about, with her dirty mop.

This poem may seem a little strong,
But trust me pal, I surely mean no wrong.
You might tell me, "Youre being too negative."
"Naah man," Id say, "Ive just stopped being over positive!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, what do i say...
life can be a b**tch. Everyone knows.
But the truth is the way you look at it. When u try n appreciate what life has given u instead of just seeing what she has not.
Getting angry over it n trying to fight back is not what will help. But talking back to her with a cool head n trying to negotiate will definitely be better.