Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Pratim, I'll miss you...

I was leafing through the newspaper one morning, when a snap caught my eye. I found the guy familiar.

A name flashed through my mind - Pratim Bag.

Sure Enough...there was his name, under the snap.

But what the hell was this. It was listed in the Obituary column.
I was shocked...

I had hardly spoken to him...maybe twice in the 700 odd days Id known him for.
Now i regret that.

Pratim had joined my school sometime in the year 2000. Since we were in different sections, the interaction was limited.

Now, in 2006, he is no more. He lost his life to a freak bike accident...

I dont know you Pratim.
But, I will miss you.
I wish Id gotten to know you better man.

Its sad the ways of this world. You never know what hits you.
I dunno why this incident shook me up that morning. It was strange.
Someone who was in the same school with me, some one who probably went to college round about the same time i did.
Shouldnt that someone be doing his Post Grad round about now?

But instead, he's no more.

God Bless Him.

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Sambit said...

Samir..this is good